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3mm Blue Foil Underlayment Baseboard Laminate Flooring Staircase

Laminate Floors in Aventura, Florida

From Style to Function to Installation, Laminate Flooring is a Clear Choice

Considering the many types of flooring available to contractors and home owners today is a blessing and a challenge. There are many standard products to choose from such as traditional hard wood, carpet and tile. But new products have emerged. One product to consider is laminate flooring. With ease of installation, low cost, long life and high durability, many home owners and contractors are choosing laminate flooring as an alternative to costly traditional hardwood and tile.

Great Value

Wholesale laminate wood flooring offers excellent value as an alternative flooring option. The flooring itself is built up in layers. The first layer, or underlayment, can be placed directly on top of an existing floor. This layer provides sound damping, cushioning and insulation from moisture and the elements. The floor is then assembled on top of the underlayment. Planks are installed one by one and form a floating floor. Molding then borders the upgrade. Because the installation process is relatively easy, many home owners opt to install laminate flooring themselves, though professional installation is available. Following the installation process, laminate flooring can be walked on right away. There are no glues or finishes that need to dry. The room can be occupied immediately.


Besides the cost savings gained by simple installation, laminate flooring is extremely durable. The planks themselves are constructed with high density fiberboard. The designs and colors are then affixed to the fiberboard and a wear layer seals the plank. The wear layer prevents scratching, gouging, and fading. In fact, laminate flooring holds up against sunlight fading better than traditional hardwood. And the typical warranty is 25-50 years.

Laminate Options

There are nearly endless options when choosing color and design. The majority of laminate wood flooring is designed to replicate hardwood. Teak, oak, rosewood, maple, mahogany, chestnut, walnut and on and on. Choosing a design to match even the most particular hardwood oriented room is entirely possible. Not only are there plenty of hardwood design choices, there are also many laminate floor designs that mimic tile and stone, such as all the laminate flooring in Aventura, Florida available now.

Quick Installation

With its many benefits, laminate flooring is an excellent choice over other flooring. It's easy enough to install that reflooring a room turns into a Saturday project. Laminate flooring is backed with a 25-50 year warranty. From spills to soccer cleats to pounding rays of sun day in and day out, the laminate floor will survive. And from a nearly limitless selection of colors and designs, almost any room, hallway, staircase and common area can be accommodated.

Laminate Flooring Aventura, Florida

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